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At HIMAL, you will find a large variety of service solutions to meet all your requirements. Apart from Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) we also offer you other value added services for your critical needs. We offer you preventive maintenance and services charged for minimum amount on the go. The spares and consumable will be separately charged.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
  • With time all air conditioning systems like any other machines depreciates and if not maintained properly they will lose efficiency, gradually. They will consume more power and cost more while operating
  • Inadequate monitoring and maintenance can result more problems and inconvenience. This is why HIMAL offer you an exclusive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) that will guarantee smooth performance of your product. We will take care of your air conditioning systems through our assured regular maintenance visits.
  • Once your products is covered under HIMAL AMC plan, we HIMAL takes complete care of your products with regular periodic checks, whether your systems have problems or not.
Advantages you receive with AMC:
  • It will save you lots of money! Yes, under HIMAL AMC plan, you will benefit fully while not worrying about your products. Scheduled maintenance will minimize the risk of equipment wear and tear. It will in fact increase its life and reduced any possibilities of malfunctions.
  • Regular maintenances and inspection from our experienced technicians ensure safety of your products and prevent any accidents and abnormality.
  • Since our customer support department maintains a proper record of services we provide, we can provide any information promptly and accurately.
  • Customers covered under the HIMAL AMC plan get faster response from our dedicated team of trained engineers and technicians.
*Please contact us for any further details.