Precision Series(SEC Series)

The secret behind the SEC series is an EC (electronically commutated) fan.


The secret behind the SEC series is an EC (electronically commutated) fan. Globally, STULZ was the first manufacturer to develop a complete series of precision air conditioning units based on EC technology. Now, we’re the first manufacturer bringing EC technology to India. What is an EC motor? An EC motor is a DC motor with a shunt characteristic. The rotary motion is achieved by supplying the power via a switching device – the commutator. Previously, the commutator was realised using mechanical carbon brushes, and hence, had a limited service life of only a few thousand hours. On EC motors, this commutation is performed electronically, and therefore, wear free offering a service life of 80,000 hours. Powerful Innovation. with energy saving No down time 80,000 hours of assured reliability Maintenance-free operating life via direct drive fan technology Most reliable for precision air conditioning applications.


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